Tuesday, January 31, 2012

pop of lemon-lime

Sweater: Gap (similar); Skirt: Topshop, Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita
Neon colors aren't always the easiest thing to pull off, especially for a ginger. As if it wasn't hard enough to match fluorescent brights with other pieces, adding in a little red-orange glow complicates things further. I love this sweater because it pulls the neon away from my big old head a bit, and is just a bit muted. Pairing neon lemon-lime with an oatmeal color would have never crossed my mind, but it almost turns the sweater into a neutral. It was perfect for walking around the harbor as the sun set to spend an evening in the Leinenkugel Beer Garden sampling a little liquid gold.

Lights that are somehow both outdated and unsightly, yet so pretty when the sun goes down.

Beer samplers at the Leinenkugel Beer Garden


  1. I love the sweater. The color goes grait with your hair and complexion :)

  2. I have a question about your hair. Is it naturally straight-ish wavy? You always style it so beautifully and I always get inspired since it's red and so is mine (it's easier to visualize on myself, haha). Except mine is fuzzy/wavy.. :(

    Cup of Tea

  3. great outfit!


  4. Thank you everyone for your kind comments! Julia, my hair's natural texture can best be described as nasty. I could never, EVER let my hair air-dry and expect to leave my house. It is some weird combo of not straight and all over the place creases and "waves". I can't be entirely against it, however, because it does always respond well to most anything I do to it.

    I don't use any products, because I am lazy, but I do use a thick-barreled curling iron from approximately 2001 and an equally sad straightener on the piece that sweeps across my forehead. I sometimes also backcomb the top of my head under the surface layer of hair, especially if I'm putting it up. To me, when it's down, the only crucial piece is the one that sweeps left from the side part... the rest I'm happy to haphazardly curl/make waves with the closed curling iron.

    I don't know if that helps at all, but I hope it does! And your hair is so pretty anyhow, so I don't know what you're talking about, haha.

  5. You look great in neon! And I love this topshop skirt!