Friday, January 6, 2012

standing rib roast with porcini and bacon sauce

This is not an everyday meal. Not by a long shot. From the hearty poundage of meat to the overnight marinating plus 5 or so hours of work, this Standing Rib Roast with Porcini and Bacon Sauce just demands a special occasion to showcase itself. Despite the effort, I have labored over this meal with love three times, and can't stop going back for more. I make it every year for Adam and I's Christmas together; this year, he started getting anxious for it around December 1st. 

The meat is insanely tender and well-seasoned, with a crispy browned crust that cannot be beat. Now for the sauce. Oh, the sauce. Mushrooms, red wine, a touch of bacon... need I say more. Once I've eaten so much I want to roll up and cry with pain/delight, I always shovel in a few more bites of the most flavorful mushrooms your sweet little mouth has ever tasted. Top it all off with a cool Horseradish Cream Sauce and wow, just wow. 

I know the holidays are over, but make this for something, and soon.

Important recipe alteration:  the recipe asks you to discard half of the mushrooms after they are used to flavor the sauce. Why, oh why, would they have you do this?! Do NOT discard those mushrooms. Add them back in toward the end to reheat. You won't be sorry.

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