Tuesday, January 24, 2012

what a winner

Fur Vest: Piperlime; Chambray Shirt and Pants: J. Crew; Sunglasses: UO; Neckace: F21, Shoes: Simply Vera Wang; Bag: Nordstrom Rack

I must admit that I feel like a winner in this outfit, and there are three reasons why. One: I bought this faux fur vest last winter, got pretty excited about... and then let it sit unused in my closet for a year. I finally pulled it out, threw it on, and felt very luxurious yet warm and cozy. Two: I promised Adam that once I mixed these shoes into an outfit, I wouldn't look like an S&M-loving working woman, and I'm pretty sure I don't. Three: I finally sucked it up and posted a photograph of how my hair actually looks on a daily basis, which is dirty and messy, and I'm OK with that. Success all around!

1 comment:

  1. You look great and that necklace is amazing. If your hair looks like that everyday then you are one lucky lady. My hair often resembles a tumbleweed most mornings and days !! xx