Thursday, November 29, 2012

boordy vineyards

Adam and I decided a few weekends ago to finally visit a popular Maryland winery called Boordy Vineyards, situated just outside of Baltimore. Thanks to some expert timing (alright, it was just good luck), it was an insanely beautiful November day, with abundant sunshine and only a slight chill to the air. The winery itself actually far exceeded our expectations. I wasn't sure what to picture when conjuring an image of a Baltimore vineyard (odd, no?); however, the establishment was pleasantly quaint and rustic, and situated on a beautiful isolated plot of land. The wine shop was cozy, featuring an outdoor patio with fire rings and tables for enjoying wine, cheese and accoutrements. It was a truly enjoyable atmosphere for a fun  and relaxing afternoon.

For only $5 we received a wine tasting of six Boordy wines of our choosing, and a guided tour of the vineyard and facilities. We even learned a good deal about wine in general. Not to mention, they allow you to buy a bottle and uncork it for drinking on the patio and during the tour. Each bottle in their Landmark series features engravings of iconic Maryland wildlife, which I of course adored. Who doesn't love a local icon? Overall, it was an entirely enjoyable experience, and I look forward to returning for some vino with the ladies when the weather turns a corner in the spring.

Monday, November 26, 2012

my week in photos {11.26.12}

a stunning pennsylvania sunset
There's always something nice about being out of touch with the world and, for me, putting down my camera for once. I'm definitely a photo-taking fiend, but once in a while I finally put down my favorite toy and relax. Thanksgiving weekend was a very nice one, spent with Adam and my family in Pennsylvania. Spending quality time with my niece, who is somehow already seven, is one of my favorite things to do. It doesn't get much better than curling up on the couch with a sweet little girl watching Brave on a lazy Friday off of work. I can't change my picture-snapping ways completely though, so here's a little iPhone glimpse into the holiday weekend. I hope you all had a wonderful time with loved ones, and are managing to avoid a serious case of the post-holiday Mondays.

playing all glam {obviously just playing, we know the truth}
wall of pennsylvania trees that feels like home
our own family bloody mary bar
adam and my niece, kennadi (minus one front tooth)
the sweetest note found on kennadi's "school" board
another sunset pic, because one just wasn't enough

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

{last-minute} thanksgiving tips

Well, it looks like it's about time for another last-minute-holiday post crunched into the mix right before Thanksgiving. I've realized over the past few days that people really love Thanksgiving, and that they love it a lot more than I do. Thanksgiving is okay (don't get me wrong, I appreciate the two days off of work), but it's far from my favorite. I'm never really prepared for it in any way, which is fine since my mom does literally all of the work, but I always wish that I had taken the time to at least make a cool side dish. Last year, I did make an amazing turkey for a pre-holiday potluck. Seriously, amazing (thank you Alton Brown). This year, we'll just drive to PA to see my family and let my mom do her thing. Here are some tips to help Thanksgiving go smoothly, whether you're in charge or following someone else's lead.

1. Learn how to fake a clean house.
2. Add flavor to blah gravy with a splash of sherry or Madeira while heating.
3. Or, try a sprig of sage.
4. Buy brie. Why? Leftover turkey + cranberry + brie grilled cheese. Yep.
5. Select a nice pinot:  a crisp grigio to balance dry turkey, or a berry-ripe noir.
6. Mix Rumchata with your coffee. With family, you might need it.
7. Add a seasonal leaf to each place setting for last-minute decor.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

confused, astonished, inspired

I have absolutely no idea whatsoever where November has gone. I feel like a broken record saying this, as I come around to this idea every few months or so (am I just getting old?). But, seriously, what is happening? I knew I had taken a little accidental blogger vacation due to my distaste for darkness settling in at 5:00pm here in Baltimore. I mean, come on! Light sufficient for photos is hard enough to find in our tiny apartment when it's actually sunny; what's a girl to do when it's already too dark for anything postable by the time she's home from work? Oh, and there's the laziness. There's always the laziness.

On another note, I've realized through my blog perusing habits that most of my favorite posts by other bloggers are their roundups of things that just plain made them happy. So here goes nothing as I jump back into the Gingersnaps saddle with some fun things that piqued my interest across the web.

This fun-to-play-with site for personalized vacation inspiration (seriously, try it out).

These unique and adorable ankle boots.

A skirt that nails not one, but two, current trends.

My go-to site for easy photo editing (and no, it's not Instagram).

A great new brand made especially for gifts, just in time for the holidays.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

festive fall hues

similar shirt // cords // similar wedges

Over the past few weeks, our beloved neighborhood has been graced with an amazing array of brightly hued leaves. The weather has been perfect, with warm sun shining through the colorful branches, so jackets have remained tucked away at home. One trendy tree in particular has even taken on a deep oxblood and burnt orange hue. Oxblood and color clashing? This tree is on point. Taking inspiration from my neighborhood friend, I decided to try out this unusual color combo myself, and I really liked the result. As it turns out, fall's color clashing trend is a great way to remix those tired pieces slumped in the bottom of the closet.