Friday, January 20, 2012

oliver at the harbor

One warm afternoon last week, Adam and I decided it would be fun to walk Oliver to the harbor for the first time and take a few photos of the growing lad. The harbor is about a block away from our door, so we thought we'd make it fairly far around the water. We were wrong. Very wrong. As soon as we entered the area, we were mobbed by about 100 passersby who wanted to see/touch/photograph our little man. He handled it very well; in fact, he relished in the attention so much that the sun went down before any pictures were taken. In order to salvage our lack of clear photos, I snapped two quick pics of my very casual outfit. You see, now I can loosely claim this is also a "fashion" post, albeit it a quite boring one, and not just puppy loving.

Trench and Necklace: UO;  Shirt: J. Crew;  Jeans:  Anoname;  Shoes: Tretorn for J. Crew

Hair: a first attempt at something new. Meh.

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  1. I love your trench and your puppy is such a cutie pie :)