Thursday, January 12, 2012

chalkboard cheese board

I've been wanting to make this little DIY project for some time now, and I finally made it happen. For less than $15 and only a few minutes of work, I made my own customizable cheese board, perfect for creating fun pairings and platters. Making your own chalkboard pain requires only two ingredients... and I somehow still messed up. The directions call for dry non-sanded grout, and I accidentally bought some sort of wet non-sanded paste, but it still worked. I recommend buying the correct stuff and actually following directions, but hey, mine worked too. I can't wait to post some pics that put this baby to use in the near future.

You'll Need:

-  Chosen color acrylic paint, obviously black here
-  Dry, non-sanded grout
-  Any form of "board" to paint. I used a prefabricated wooden
   board from Michael's, but you can use anything. Next time I
   want to use an antique picture frame or platter like this
   one, but I stuck with flat and plain for now.
-  Sponge or brush for painting
-  Chalk

Incredibly Difficult Instructions:

Before mixing your chalkboard paint mixture, paint a coat of the acrylic paint as a primer and allow to dry. Then, measure your ingredients or just eyeball it like I did. Paint one coat of mixture on board, being careful to avoid ridges of paint or obvious "brush strokes", allow to dry, and repeat. Yep... that's about it. You're done now. Enjoy.


  1. The board looks good! And can I let you know...your handwriting is so nice! I'd never bother with a chalkboard myself if people had to see MY horrendous handwriting...


  2. Sounds delicious! I can't wait to try all these cheeses and your two recipes for pecans and figs.

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  3. great idea for a cheese platter! thanks for sharing!
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