Monday, January 9, 2012

photoshop actions

This little DIY project is a particularly great one, because you're really not doing much yourself at all. In fact, the whole idea of Photoshop Actions is that nearly everything has already been done for you. What is an action? It's a preset series of fancy photo edits combined into one easy step. Other than making your own artistic adjustments (changes in opacity, intensity of effect, and the like), you can pretty much just click a button and watch your photo transform.

You can type in "free photoshop actions" and find thousands of options, but some of my favorite sites like The CoffeeShop Blog and Pioneer Woman have loaded their own free collections. To find the other miscellaneous actions seen here, just search for them by name. For instructions on how to use actions, search for "installing actions" in your Photoshop help section. Enjoy some interesting takes on the photo above, taken while abroad at a beautiful garden in Ireland.

CoffeeShop Attic Vintage
CoffeeShop Ice Pop
CoffeeShop Moody Pop
CoffeeShop Simply Vintage
Pioneer Woman Lovely and Ethereal
Pioneer Woman Colorized
Miss Etikate
Set 33 by Night Fate - Action 1
Set 33 by Night Fate - Action 6


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  2. Pioneer Woman Lovely and Ethereal is my favourite!!! :)
    cute blog, following you.
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  3. I love photoshop actions - my version of PS is so old so when I downloaded some of Pioneer Woman's action sets, I realized they didn't all work right LOL.