Wednesday, January 18, 2012

howth, ireland

I bet you thought you were done hearing about my gallivanting travels around Ireland, didn't you? Silly you; I'm not done, I'm just disorganized. I've actually been excited about sharing this post for a long time, but was just now finally able to narrow down my hundreds of photos into... well, still a lot. I debated breaking the post up into a scenery section and a food section, but I feel like you have to take it all in together to get a feel for this magical little village. Situated less than 10 miles north of Dublin, the fishing village of Howth is a lesser-known gem that gave me one of the best days of my three-week trip. 

The unique juxtaposition of especially wealthy citizens living in a fully-functioning fishing village made for an amazing atmosphere: freshly caught seafood hauled from the boats straight to the swanky restaurants each day. The result was the most fantastically fresh seafood imaginable, prepared by equally skilled chefs. King Sitric, our dinner locale, was even featured on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations.

Rivaling the food was the breathtaking scenery. A tiny village nestled among island cliffs jutting up from the ocean, it provided a storybook setting that seemed to come from another time. I cannot stress to you enough how necessary a day trip to the village of Howth is if you are ever lucky enough to find yourself on the Emerald Isle.

Calamari, Chili Crawfish, Mussels, Fish Cakes, Smoked Salmon on Brown Bread, Lobster Salad at Deep Restaurant
Full Lobster Poached in a Whiskey Butter Sauce at King Sitric
Seafood and Tartare Sampling at King Sitric
Kristen and I enjoying an absolutely awesome day.


  1. everything looks and sounds so great!

  2. LOVED this day, truly was one of the best days on the trip!