Thursday, May 31, 2012

may at a glance

You may be wondering what, pray tell, could have happened to Gingersnaps in the month of May... or you may be reading this thinking: what the heck is a gingersnap? Either way, it's been quite the blogging siesta this month. May has flown by unfathomably fast, but iit was packed full of amazing life events, time with friends, visits from family, some sad goodbyes, and a lot of warm-weather fun. I'm finally back and ready to roll out some regular posts again. For now, here's a quick look back at my month of May.

had our last formal (wearing Parker)

drank rooftop beers to start the summer

ended girls day with wine in this cute courtyard

enjoyed a school picnic where Ollie partied

ate Maryland crabs

drank some of these

became a doctor... NBD

Monday, May 7, 2012

day at the dog beach

Adam and I took Oliver to a dog beach outside of Baltimore this weekend, and I have never seen the little man have more fun. At first, he was a little scared of the small "waves" breaking on the shore but, with a little encouragement, he was having the time of his life. He even went for a true swim several times, whereas before he would wade in the water but never beyond where he could touch the ground. From digging and sprinting circles in the sand to fetching sticks out of the water, he burned about 9283 calories and could barely make it to the car without falling asleep. On a totally unrelated note, I'm in love with my new sunglasses from Free People, and I want to wear them with everything this summer.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

happy cinco de mayo!

I don't think that Cinco de Mayo gets nearly enough press in the northeast (and no, Maryland, you are not the south, no matter where the Mason-Dixon line may lie). To me, celebrating this holiday should be on par with St. Patrick's Day hoopla, and I'm much closer to Irish than Mexican... obviously. This year the fiesta has to compete with another great event, the Derby, which also warrants themed celebration. P.S. this coincidental pairing has spurred one of the cleverest cocktail collaborations I've seen:  the mint julep margarita.

Anyway, I celebrated the day by making some classic pico de gallo, which despite less-than-perfect tomatoes was so refreshing and tasty. I ate/inhaled about half of the salsa before it even hit the refrigerator, then put the rest to good use in some chicken tacos. Since I was in the spirit of reworking leftovers, I then used the leftover grilled corn from said tacos and mixed it into the pico, creating what I'm calling Grilled Corn and Fresh Tomato Salsa. Naturally we've also been drinking margaritas, but there's already enough going on in this post, so I'll save that for another day.

Friday, May 4, 2012

austin bound

Adam and I have recently made a very exciting and important life decision, and have shared the news with friends and family: we are moving to Austin! With a career like dentistry, it's difficult to move from place to place; therefore, settling on a permanent home is more in the cards for us. Adam and I both love the city of Austin (his hometown) for a thousand reasons, and I know we're not alone. Even two of my favorite bloggers have featured the fun-filled Texas capital here and here. I love the idea of living near family, and while it saddens me to move far away from my own, it's welcoming to know that Adam's will be just around the corner. The move is still a little over a year away, but the decision has already made us happy and anxious to move forward. With seemingly endless sunshine, Tex-Mex and barbecue on every corner, margaritas of every flavor, and an abundance of live music, I believe Austin will be an amazing fit for Adam and I to start our life as newlyweds.