Wednesday, April 20, 2011

foggy bottom

Shirt, necklace, sunglasses (last seen here), trench coat and skirt: Urban Outfitters; purse: River Island via ASOS; tights: Nordstrom; flats: Gap (last seen here)

It's pretty rare that I actually overdress for the weather. I'm usually the one showing up in a cute jacket and ballet flats while everyone else is donning winter coats and rain boots. This Sunday, however, was such a pleasant surprise! Adam and I spent the day in Foggy Bottom and Georgetown (areas in DC) enjoying the perfect Spring weather, food, and shopping. I planned to wear my favorite trench coat all day, but ditched it just after lunch. I later realized that without the coat this outfit looks awfully similar to this post, but hey it was worth shedding a layer for some sunshine.


  1. Your photographer is getting pretty good at his work, if I may say so

  2. haha check his natural lighting, so pro ;)

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