Tuesday, April 26, 2011

that's just how my face looks

I am absolutely in love with this illustration from Kris Atomic. My friend Dina and I have had a conversation about this exact topic before, and the picture fits us both perfectly. I find myself on an almost daily basis being asked "what's wrong?" or told "cheer up, smile!" when everything is perfectly fine. I'm a generally very happy person, and usually not ready to snap and kill anyone... that is seriously just how my face looks. It's a tough affliction, cured only by incessant smiling that makes you look slightly crazed and borderline scary. This interpretation of my draining condition cracks me up, and is also pretty cute.

Just seconds later, to my delight, I discovered another picture that hilariously looks almost exactly like Dina and I, sporting our little nastyface scowls. 


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  2. Me too! You took the words right out of my mouth! Every.day: "What's wrong?" LOL!!!

  3. Haha This is our life story!