Wednesday, March 23, 2011

sunglass love

I am absolutely loving the new sunglasses style that I have been seeing nearly everywhere I look... well at least online, since it hasn't quite crossed into spring just yet in Baltimore. They look like a hybrid between the Wayfarer knockoffs that are getting way too old, and 50s cat-eye glasses. I am already the proud owner of this cheap pair, OK and this pair, both in black from Urban Outfitters, and they look great! I love cheap sunglasses because I break or lose them constantly, but I included a wider price range for the less clumsy and forgetful.


  1. yay! I love buying cheap "sunnys" too! lol I am constantly losing or breaking. Plus - cheaper glasses = I can buy more of them & stay "on trend"! haha. Thanks for sharing =)

  2. Love those glasses - they all look amazing.