Friday, April 22, 2011

fancy pants

I don't love shorts. The last time I really liked wearing them was during early college, when the skimpier and shorter the better was still mildly appropriate. I specifically remember loving a pair of A&F white underwear shorts with about a 3/4" inseam. Girls in their mid 20s or later just should not go there anymore. This spring, fancy and interesting looking shorts are popping up everywhere. Adam hates this trend; I believe his exact quote was "Nooooo, not those weird things. Those are not good". While I'm definitely not daring enough to take the trend to the extreme, with a big billowy, flow, high-waisted and high fashion version, I do think there are some cute options with a wide range from "normal" to slightly daring. I tried to pull a few cute options from simple buttons to scallops and sailboats, and everything in between.

Pink Scalloped:  ASOS, $54
Big Ribbon:  Queen's Wardrobe, $42
Sailor Buttons:  ASOS, $45
White Eyelet:  Forever 21, $20
Floral Print:  Forever 21, $18
Bold Red:  Queen's Wardrobe, $72
Waterlily Print:  LOFT, $45
Sailboat Print:  Lulus, $47
Gold Batik:  Anthropologie, $88
Olive Belted:  ASOS, $80

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