Tuesday, April 5, 2011

brussels: more than mussels

Adam and I took a day trip to Brussels over Spring break, and it far exceeded any expectations I had. That day, full of food, beer, fun... and more food, was my favorite of the whole trip. We were told that tackling Belgium's famous treats of mussels, frites, waffles and chocolate would be tough in one day, and gladly accepted the challenge. The result? Three helpings of frites, one pot of mussels, one Belgian waffle, innumerable chocolates, and a scrumptious pistachio pastry for good measure. I wanted to share these pictures because I think they turned out beautifully, and I just plain love food. I included some Brussels-inspired recipes below that received high ratings and positive feedback (though I have not tried them myself).

Taste of Brussels Recipes
Belgian Frites with Sauce Andalouse
Belgian Waffles
Mussels in White Wine


  1. Jordan! Your blog is so creative- I've been enjoying checking it out! I am still trying to figure out on wordpress how to add blogs I "follow", but as soon as I do, I'll add yours! Looks like you're having a great time- Hope all is well over there on the east coast!!

  2. Your post just KILLED ME! I love mussels above anything, and when I get fresh mussels from France in good white wine, THEN I am in heaven!! I hope you had a great time :) i've followed you on bloglovin