Monday, April 4, 2011

rainbow bright: blue, indigo, violet

I've finally reached the third and final taste of the rainbow, otherwise known as the BIV of mnemonic fame. I love these clothing colors for two reasons: first, they are universally flattering (blondes, brunettes, hell even redheads can pull them off), and second, they look even better when paired with pops of complementary colors like yellow, lime green, or orange. I wore the purple shoes in #9 to a cocktail party with an acid yellow-green dress last spring, and loved how it turned out. The shoes at #5 might have to be next...

6. MM Couture Batwing Top, Piperlime, $78
7. Ruffle Dress, Delia's, $45
9. Jessica Simpson Debbie Pump,, $63
11.Druzy Rock Ring, Urban Outfitters, $29
13.Hunter Original Boots, Piperlime, $125


  1. Great selection of pieces. My personal favorites are the MM Couture Batwing top and the Ruffle Dress by Delia's. I haven't shopped @ Delia's in so long but it was a staple of mine when I was younger!

  2. I haven't shopped there forever either but I actually saw that dress on cupcakes and cashmere... I was surprised to see it there but liked it!