Thursday, April 7, 2011

a secret garden

Walking through our neighborhood, I found the cutest hidden walkway that reminded me of the book The Secret Garden. I half expected to find a disguised door and antique lock tucked away under overgrown bushes. In reality, people live in those houses and we awkwardly took pictures right outside their windows... oops, sorry! I love this  romantic, girly River Island dress, which fits perfectly into two popular trends I can't get enough of for Spring:  70s and lace. If you haven't noticed a trend, I wear these DV by Dolce Vita shoes with almost everything. They make my legs look longer than they really are, and are plenty comfy enough to run away if anyone yells at us out of their "secret" windows.


  1. What a lovely location! I wish I had similar ones nearby :(
    I also loved your outfit. I can really picture myself with those shoes on! ;)

    Thank you for sharing this! Have a nice day.

  2. LOVE that dress! Also love the combo of white feminine dress with black tights and shoes.