Monday, April 18, 2011

bbq chicken pizza

The other day, I decided I need to make more pizzas. They're super easy, infinitely variable, and luckily inexpensive. I started with this BBQ chicken variety, which I made up, but have posted the "recipe" below... and it was really great. The key is preparing the crust. Store-bought pizza dough balls can be really tasty if given some TLC.  For pretty much any pizza, don't skip the steps that help the crust along (cornmeal, olive oil, and seasonings); they are definitely worth it. The pizza was supposed to last for dinner and my lunch the next day, but definitely didn't make it that far... delicious!

BBQ Chicken Pizza

1 lb. ball of store-bought pizza dough (or make your own)
Yellow cornmeal
BBQ sauce (I chose a hickory bourbon flavor)
Sliced white button mushrooms
Rotisserie chicken, torn into bite-size pieces
Red onion, thinly sliced
Shredded mozzarella
Shredded sharp cheddar
Olive oil
Cooking spray
Dried herbs (oregano and basil used here)

1. Allow dough to reach room temperature. Preheat oven to temperature suggested on dough package. Spray pizza pan or cookie sheet with cooking spray, then sprinkle generously with cornmeal. Using your hands or a rolling pin, spread the pizza to desired shape and size (dough pkg usually states a recommended size), leaving a lip around the crust edge. Sprinkle crust edge with cornmeal.
2. Spread BBQ sauce over the dough up to the lip of the crust. Cover sauce with desired amounts of mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Top pizza with onions, mushrooms, and chicken.
3. Bake pizza for time designated by dough package.
4. With 5 minutes remaining in the baking time, briefly remove pizza from the oven, brush the crust lip with olive oil and sprinkle with dried herbs (may also include garlic salt, if desired), and return to oven for remainder of time.

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  1. Just made this as per your instructions (and with Maria D's dough) and it was DELICIOUS!!!! Thanks Jordan!