Tuesday, April 12, 2011

personalized recipe maker

I recently stumbled upon the coolest gadget on the website Fine Cooking: a create-your-own recipe tool that takes you step by step through personalizing foods from layered cakes to baked pasta or braised short ribs. You can hand select ingredients using a cute drag and drop tool, and receive tips and hints of what pairs nicely along the way. In the end, you are given a personal recipe detailing how to create your own concoction. Often, I don't know how altering a recipe will alter the cooking times or process, but this tool calculates the changes for you! The options for personalization are included below.

These pictures show the cheesecake-making process, including only about half of the huge array of mix-ins available for customization. With each bit you add, you can read suggestions for what goes well with your choices.

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