Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I've recently discovered an interesting, and wildly addicting new website called Pinterest. Not everyone "gets" the idea of the site, but I have fallen in love with it for all forms of inspiration. The idea is basically a digital version of clipping your favorite things from magazines and hoarding the crap out of those papery tidbits for future reference (I'm looking at you, Lauren). I used to do this compulsively... but now it is neat, convenient, and way too easy. I wanted to share my pin boards with you; hopefully you'll find even 10% as much inspiration from them as I did. If you ever find yourself planning an event (weddings, parties, showers), looking for something to cook, or in a rut of what to wear, check this site out! Previews of my boards below.

You can view all members pinned items without starting an account yourself; however, in order to start your own pin boards, you have to apply for membership, and the site will e-mail you in about a week with an invitation to start.

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