Saturday, June 4, 2011

summer bbq with an asian twist

At the start of summer, when the weather breaks into beautiful hot and sunny days, the last thing I want to do is miss it by preparing dinner. There's a reason summer food is usually quicker and easier than winter's: no one wants to be inside! In my search for a quick and easy meal at Whole Foods, I was delighted to find Thai marinated chicken kabobs on sale for half price, and decided to build a meal around them. I went with a pretty traditional summer BBQ menu:  kabobs, salad, and corn on the cob... but everything took on a slightly Asian theme. The influence was subtle, but made the meal interesting enough to be different from the norm. You'll find the "recipes" below.

Mixed greens, cucumber, red bell pepper, shredded carrots, black sesame seeds, and ginger soy dressing.
Cumin-dusted corn on the cob:  butter uncooked ears of corn, and sprinkle with cumin and dried basil.  Wrap each ear in foil, and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.
Kabobs:  what could be easier? Already marinated, already assembled. I cooked mine on a George Foreman, but if you are lucky enough to have a grill, have at it.


  1. must be delicious!! i ll try it thank you for sharing!

    kisses <3


  2. That looks amazing! I wish I could make things like you. I think I'll try some of your recipes one day.

  3. jordan that looks so healthy! and delicious. very impressed as usual!