Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a newer nautical

Nautical has been a perennial summer trend for about as long as I can remember. Even Adam knows that nautical is "so in right now" as he likes to mock me by saying. However, I think it's time we all expand the scope of this trend beyond a classic blue and white striped t-shirt or sweater. There are so many ways to add just a touch of maritime spunk to your wardrobe. I've added a few here, but the possibilities are really endless. I have a cheap pair of gold oversized knot earrings and a compass necklace that I've worn nearly to pieces the past few summers; I like the tiny touch they add to any outfit. Any of these nautical pieces could turn even a white tee or pair of jeans into a seaside ensemble.

1. Tackle Box Tote, Anthropologie, $78
2. Chunky Knot Studs, ASOS, $14
5. Cinema Sunhat, Anthropologie, No longer available
6. Rooftop BBQ Top, Modcloth, $30
7. Lurex Sunday Straw Clutch, Juicy Couture, $98
8. All Aboard Posts, UO, $12
9. Leroy Wedge, Sam Edelman, $110
10.Widelegger Jeans, Madewell, $125
11.Roped-In Tote, Anthropologie, $68
12.Primary Shades, Anthropologie, $24

1 comment:

  1. Love those ASOS studs... I actually think I'll be buying those in the near future. Thanks for finding them for me!