Thursday, June 2, 2011

feta & sun-dried tomato turkey burgers with parmesan fries

I have no idea why I don't make burgers more often. They're delicious, easy, infinitely adaptable, and can be paired with approximately 13,233 different side dishes. I saw this recipe for turkey burger sliders, and it had me at "feta". I followed the recipe closely, except that I made full size burgers rather than sliders. They were so juicy and flavorful that even Adam didn't care that they were ever so slightly "fancy" or made of turkey. It's no secret that there is a soft spot in my heart the size of Texas for fried food, but I know I probably should cut back a little... enter Oven Baked Parmesan Fries. These babies were so delicious that I am 100% certain I will make them again ASAP. You know that amazingly rich taste cheese gets when it gets a little broiled and crispy? They tasted like that, and with Parmesan no less. Both of these are great recipes that I strongly, strongly recommend!!

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  1. Yummy!! This posts leaves water in my mouth :D