Friday, June 10, 2011

grilled kebabs with tzatziki and roasted vegetables with feta

I planned this entire Mediterranean-inspired meal around my old friend feta. And I do mean planned. I had all of the ingredients purchased for lamb kebabs, minus the lamb which I was to buy super-fresh from Whole Foods that morning. Then some vandal smashed the crap out of Adam's windshield. Suddenly grilled lamb kebabs became "thaw that poor quality leftover stew beef as fast as you can kebabs". Regardless of this meat mishap, I proceeded with the entree and roasted vegetable recipe. I altered the veggies slightly, but followed the process closely. While the meat wasn't perfect, I loved the flavor of the marinade and tzatziki. With lamb, or even decent beef, it would have been a home run, even on our measly George Foreman. The vegetables were phenomenal (and easy!), and I will absolutely make them again.

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