Friday, June 3, 2011

The Carrie Bradshaw Bun

Photo:  B. Jones Style

Lately I've been wearing my hair in a messy ballerina bun for clinic, and have had a lot of people ask me how I do it. When I say I just put it in a high ponytail then wrap the pony tail in a circle with pins, everyone looks a little skeptical... but it's true! It really is very easy. I found a video of basically the exact same style, albeit slightly more exaggerated than my school version, on the blog B. Jones Style. Considering the sound of my own voice sounds like some sort of uneducated redneck valley girl, you're better off with her tutorial. Follow the link below!

The Casual Carrie Bradshaw Bun

The author, Beth, also offers a tutorial for the "Classic Carrie Bradshaw Bun" (also linked below), which is a fancier, more polished version. I've only attempted this once:  when I realized I forgot every hair tool I own in Coventry and couldn't even shower without a blow dryer on hand. But hey, it turned out to be a pretty cute save... at least Adam's Grandma Vera thought so.

The Classic Carrie Bradshaw Bun


  1. i love this bun! its so cute!

    its a great save if your having a bad hair day too

  2. if my grandparents knew what a Blog was........ they would be proud to be on this one

  3. Love the high-bun look; I call it my "comfortable hair" look. My boyfriend doesn't get it, LOL!