Monday, June 13, 2011

a little brightness in my life

Jessica Simpson Heels

...ok I meant brightly colored shoes, but I guess you can count Adam too (kidding). I believe this is the first up close and personal glimpse of my elusive personal photographer/ handsome boyfriend extraordinaire. I posted a link to a collection of bright, colorful beauties on the Gingersnaps facebook page a few days back. I later realized I had a few pictures of my own snazzy-hued heels from before my fancy camera times, so ignore the photo quality please. Many of my posts have revolved around colors, from their current season popularity to unique ways to pair them, and this can fit right in there. From pairing shoes with contrasting colors, to picking up a color from a print, they really are more versatile than they first appear. Hopefully my old photos can provide a little inspiration to buy your own brights, or find new ways to wear them.

ASOS Heels

Side Note:  Gingersnaps is having some technical difficulties, in that my computer has decided to stop reading my camera all together. And I have some really good things on there! I've ordered a connector that let's me put my memory card right into the computer, so this will be a problem no longer as of Wednesday.

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