Friday, June 17, 2011

basil & goat cheese ravioli with oven roasted tomatoes

Whole Foods has struck again with their lovely fresh pastas; this time with a Basil and Goat Cheese ravioli that I couldn't resist. It made dinner way too easy. However, the same idea can obviously be used with any ravioli. You can buy oven-roasted tomatoes and this would be even easier, but of course I wanted to make them. All it took was a drizzle of olive oil on some Roma tomato wedges, and into the oven at 375 until soft, shriveled and juicy. I then sauteed the tomatoes quickly in some olive oil with chopped garlic, poured the resulting sauce over the cooked pasta, and sprinkled with plenty of Parmesan. Easy, packed with flavor, and delicious; what more can you ask for?


  1. Oh, this looks so god, you are making me feel hungry!!

  2. Mmmmm this looks soo good!!

    Xo, Kristin

  3. I will for sure be making this. Sounds ahhh mazing.