Wednesday, June 22, 2011

cheesecake factory lettuce wraps

Confession: the Cheesecake Factory's lettuce wraps are one of my favorite appetizers ever, and I frequently order it as my meal if I for some reason find myself in the restaurant. I've wanted to make it myself at home for a long time now, and finally undertook the project. And it is a project. With three sauces to consider, it takes some time for sure. However, there is another amazing option: they sell all three sauces in the restaurant! They are fantastic, and can be used in many other recipes such as dip for coconut shrimp, last seen here. If you decide to buy the sauces, or even to just make one sauce (I suggest the peanut sauce), this recipe doesn't have to be an ordeal... I just chose to make it one.

The full recipe can be found in the book Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 3 (an awesome copycat cookbook that I definitely recommend). Alternatively, you can find similar recipes online here or here. If you decide to make these at home, I strongly recommend making a large batch for some friends, as I did, or for plenty of leftovers!

My friend Kristen brought a delicious cucumber salad to serve with the wraps, which fit the theme of the meal perfectly. It was slightly sweet, slightly spicy, and made even a non-cucumber-lover like myself very happy. It would be a great accompaniment to any summer meal.

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  1. Yummmmm those were so good! And I feel so special that the salad made the blog!