Sunday, July 17, 2011

summer night picnic

I tend to not take advantage of beautiful summer weather as much as I should. In an attempt to spend more time outside, I decided to pack some gussied-up BLT's (recipe below) and head to Federal Hill for a picnic before the 4th of July fireworks. Yeah, I know, I'm really behind on posting. Adam and I may have underestimated the number of vagrants and crackheads that the holiday would bring out of the woodwork/ghetto, but still managed to enjoy the picnic and people-watching combo before retiring for the night. It didn't hurt that the sandwiches were delicious. The Inner Harbor photos turned out very pretty, and certainly shed a nice light on good old B-more.

Pumpernickel and rye swirl bread
Thick-cut bacon 
Pepper Jack cheese
Chipotle mayonnaise
Oven-roasted tomatoes, instructions seen here
Butter, for one side of each bread slice if using panini press

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