Monday, July 11, 2011

my girly home getaway dream

Every guy dreams of having a "man cave" in his home, full of sports, beer, and any absurd purchase that the ladies won't allow to be visible anywhere else. But what about the girls? Our apartment is far too small, and Adam far too proud, to fill it with feminine indulgences, so the most I can do is sit and dream of my future house. I've decided that I want, no need, a little space of my own to fill with luxuriously girly things that make me happy. Being that I'm not a billionaire, this dream will have to coincide with my other fantasy of a spare bedroom-turned-personal closet. I saw this gorgeous light and airy color palette, and my mental planning ran wild. Sigh, someday. All items are from Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.


  1. I also dream of my future house! I made a deal with my man, when we have a house of our own he can help me decorate if I can get a walk in closet :D lol



  2. Every person dream and struggle for his or her own home and love to decorate it according to their individual taste. i liked some of the articles and ideas shared in this post.