Wednesday, July 27, 2011

honey-vanilla peanut butter

Normally, I can't be bothered to make breakfast before school. However, since my new hours require me to wait from a 6:45 wake-up til noon, I need to eat or I may kill someone. Seriously, I cannot go more than 2 hours without snacking or I get quite prickly. I found a recipe for Vanilla-Honey Peanut Butter a while back, and thought it sounded delicious.  But, the recipe was way too intense, starting from raw peanuts and requiring a food processor. Instead, I just mixed unmeasured amounts of chunky PB, honey, and the seeds of a vanilla bean until I thought it tasted perfect. For the next four days, I was able to wake up, toast an English muffin, spread and go. I'm actually even craving it now as I write this for an after-dinner treat. Make sure to click the top pic to see the lovely little vanilla beans!

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