Thursday, December 1, 2011

november sun-day

Sweater: ASOS, Tank: H&M, Jean Leggings: ASOS, Boots: Nordstrom

Dare I ask how, just days ago, it was late November and still nearing 70 degrees and sunny? The moment I typed this yesterday, I just knew the superstitious consequence of rapid temperature drop would sweep in imminently. It did. And it's suddenly about 1000 degrees colder and windier on this first of December, but at least we had a great run last month. Throwing on some boots and a little sweater for a walk and a Sunday Funday bloody mary is just perfect. I will miss it greatly. Mourn it, actually. Also, can you tell I've attempted the newly repopularized purposefully messy fishtail braid here? This is only my second attempt, and it's not too terribly bad, but still working on it.


  1. the fishtail?! was i of any inspiration? :)

  2. Yes you 100% inspired this! After you sent that video I just had to try it out.