Sunday, December 11, 2011

cincinnati-style chili

Until I randomly decided to make this recipe for dinner, I'd never before had Cincinnati Chili. The idea of serving chili over spaghetti seemed a little odd to me, but also a little interesting. On a lazy Sunday, and after a realization that money-saving was definitely in order, I decided to make something cheap and easy in my under-utilized Crock Pot. I bought a few of Sandra Lee's cookbooks in college, because the recipes are absurdly easy and budget-friendly. While I must admit they don't really excite me anymore, they still serve a purpose (did I mention cheap and easy?). I can't say the chili itself was award-winning, but we happily shoveled it down for three straight days. And the spaghetti? A surprisingly delicious addition under my mess of beans and meat.

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  1. Why am I the first to comment on what looks like the most comforting of all comfort foods! This looks soooo yummy!