Monday, December 5, 2011

shimmering snowflakes diy

As I'm typing this, I'm wondering if I've ever actually posted a DIY project yet on Gingersnaps? I've really been wanting to focus on this aspect of the site for a while now, but haven't really been struck with crafty inspiration. Until, of course, Christmas time comes around. Adam and I recently installed curtain rods in our living room, but haven't exactly gotten around to buying curtains yet. Inspiration struck, and I made use of the rods. For about $15, I was able to add some glitz and glitter (sticking to the silver and gold theme of course) to our apartment for the holidays. The photos don't do the actual sparkling glitter justice; in real life they provide a constant eye-catching shimmer.


I found some cutout plain wooden snowflakes at Michael's craft store, and it started from there. Michael's website isn't very complete, so I found some similar cutouts here and here.

I purchased four bottles of acrylic paint: metallic gold, metallic silver, gold glitter, and silver glitter. I used a basic kitchen sponge and a newspapered floor and went to town. Sponge the metallic colors onto the cutouts and allow to dry. Sponge glitter paint as a second layer. I mixed up the colors - some are gold on gold, while some are silver glitter over gold paint, etc... I felt this made it look more cohesive, as if there were a wider range of shimmering colors.

Hang with fishing line. If you like, mix in similarly colored Christmas balls on fishing line as well.


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