Friday, December 16, 2011

a very pinterest christmas

As I browsed through my backlogged photo library at 6:00 this morning with little Oliver, for some reason I was just feeling a little blah with my non-holiday post topics. Possibly due to lack of sleep. Possibly due to it's finally Friday delerium. Now I'm sitting here at school, with another failed patient (yay, Baltimore!), and leave it to Pinterest to make me happy. So, does this post have an actual point? Not really. It's just a little collection of things that made me happy and ready for Christmas. {Insert PC inclusion of other holidays here}.

Printable Gift Tags

Spreading Knives, Etsy


  1. i love the spreading knives and i love the new web page look, especially the little gingersnap cookies!

  2. love these pins :) Think I need to print out those cute gift tags!!