Monday, December 19, 2011

cranberry mimosas

Whattt? It's already December 19th. How did that happen? I had so many great holiday post ideas heading into the season; some of them I've seen through, others went into that dark hole of Pinterest/bookmark land never to be seen again. In these remaining days, I'm going to shove as much holiday cheer in your cute little December wind-kissed faces as I can possibly manage. Be ready for that. It could get either very sparkly or ugly... or both. 

These Cranberry Mimosas were such a simple, fresh treat that couldn't have been easier to make. I mean, if you can't handle tipping a little cranberry juice into a mimosa, just step out of the kitchen forever. I didn't even measure ingredients (or bother with garnishes) and the result was still delicious. These mimosas would be perfect for a little Christmas morning celebration.


  1. Looks very delicious! I might just have to try this...

    Cup of Tea

  2. I was just wondering what to make my family this Christmas morning and I think mimosas will either 1. make everyone get along just great. or 2. make everyone not get along so great... Hmmm, maybe I'll just closet drink all morning. Anyhow... Just found your blog and I love your voice. "December wind-kissed faces," love it! Just started following you on Blog Lovin. Stop by, check it out and follow back if you feel compelled! XO

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