Wednesday, December 7, 2011

gift guide: the next iron chef

fig. 01: Personalized Stainless Steel Cooking Set; fig. 02: White Truffle Salt; fig. 03: Dean & Deluca Pasta Collection; fig. 04: Olivewood Mortar and Pestle; fig. 05: Colander; fig. 06: Herb Seed Collection

Hmm... who on Earth would love to get 1000+ food items for Christmas? I just have no idea (haha). But seriously, these gifts aren't just for wannabe-chef bloggers like moi, but really for any foodie or home cook. Gifts like the truffle salt, pasta or beautiful mortar and pestle would also all double as great hostess gifts if you're invited to a holiday dinner party. I kind of desperately want to start my own indoor herb garden, because I'm a huge nerd, so I'm scoping out the herbs from Terrain as we speak.

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