Tuesday, December 20, 2011

cranberry & pistachio goat cheese

Holidays provide an excellent excuse to eat gratuitous amounts of foods like cheese and cream. And I'm not talking in your entrees. It's those can't-stop appetizers like fat logs of cheese that were meant to feed a crowd, but 2/3 of which ended up slathered on your own crackers... and then ate your actual dinner. It's heaven. Pure, sweet cheesy heaven. 

This appetizer couldn't possibly be easier to make, and if you love goat cheese (which you must), is packed with festive flavor. Simply roll a log of goat cheese in chopped pistachios and dried cranberries, then... nothing. You're done. I found a cranberry-cinnamon chevre in the fancy-pants cheese section, but any regular goat cheese works . I served it with good old Ritz crackers because I wanted some butter and salt to cut through my double-cranberry sweetness.


  1. I'm loving the holiday blog blitz, and this looks delicious and is so pretty!

  2. that's it ?? Fresh cranberries? sweetened cranberries ?? Please clarify...

  3. Just dried cranberries! Most come sweetened but if you found unsweetened that would work as well.