Sunday, December 4, 2011

gift guide: susie homemaker

fig. 01: Walter Hanging Planter, fig. 02: Dwell Gold Triangle Drinking Glass, fig. 03: Watercolor Floral Calendar, fig. 04: Place Setting Placemats, fig. 05: Anthropologie Pragmatic Vases, fig. 06: Anthropologie Farmer's Market Basket
Making a gift guide is fun. I basically get to go shopping for each little secret facet of my own personality without spending a dime. Sadly, I don't get any of the actual stuff, but someone can! I'm sure you have a friend who was born to be the cutest little wife/mom/real grown-up ever. These gifts are fun, affordable, and perfect for her.
Gift Guide

Tech Saavy Chica 
Susie Homemaker

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