Friday, February 10, 2012

red velvet cake balls

I'm not afraid of following a little baked good trend, and then possibly beating it into the ground by repeating it in 1000 ways. Take my love of baking cupcakes for example; it's clear that cupcakes were a huge trend over the last year or two, so even though I don't even particularly love eating them, that has never stopped me from doing this, this or this. Cake balls and cake pops are apparently the new thing, so why not jump on the bandwagon? I have to admit, these Red Velvet Cake Balls were freaking delicious. As in, I couldn't stop eating them like really big M&M's. Although they take a little time to make, you can make roughly eight million at a time, and the chocolate seal means they keep for many days in the fridge. They also make a perfect Valentine's gift for friends, family, or someone special.

Start with boxed cake mix, and bake according to directions.

Let cool completely.

Mix with a container of cream cheese icing, roll into balls, and pop in the freezer.

Dip in dark chocolate and immediately sprinkle away.

Oh, you want to see them in white too? I looove dark chocolate, and don't often particularly care for white... but I have to admit, they were actually BETTER in white.

Mmmm check out that gooey center under the chocolate shell.

So pretty!


  1. I'm making these tonight and going to try not to eat them all before tomorrow. Red Velvet is one of my food groups.

    1. Yay! You will definitely love them. They were crazy addicting.