Sunday, February 19, 2012

my week in photos

A handmade valentine from the sweetest of nieces.

Valentine's Day and a busy schedule left Gingersnaps a little bare the past week. I don't often drop the ball so many days in a row, but alas, it happens. Though busy, this week was really full of sweet moments, fun times, and even some R&R. This week, I already have plenty of posts lined up in order to not drop the ball again... I hope.

My favorite moment of Valentine's Day:  Oliver running to greet me at the door carrying a valentine "from Oliver to his momma".
Oliver writes pretty well for his lack of opposable thumbs.
Adam's amazing V-day dinner:  marinated steaks with blue cheese crust, a red wine-mushroom sauce, and roasted potatoes and vegetables.
A cute honeybee pin that dressed up some several day-old hair.
The first waffles from my new (totally necessary) waffle iron, made as a Sunday breakfast-in-bed for Adam.


  1. This post made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Love the Valentines from Kennadi and Oliver!!

  2. Awh haha you're right it's definitely warm and fuzzy. I mean, look at that little face.