Saturday, February 11, 2012

thai coconut curry chicken soup

Ordering a bowl of curry-and-coconut milk flavored chicken soup at Thai restaurants is a luxury that I rarely spring for, mostly because Adam and I are already ordering satay, at least one other appetizer, plus an entree each. When splitting meals with someone Adam's size, even an avid eater like me tends to burst at the seams trying to keep up. Making this soup for a simple, but tasty weeknight dinner was the perfect solution. I was able to satisfy cravings for a Thai favorite, while Adam dealt with it because, hey, I was the one cooking dinner after all. This recipe produced a really nice soup with few ingredients and very little prep work that satisfied my Thai-obsessed self.

My changes:  Instead of Thai chili paste, I used some heaping spoonfuls of Panang curry paste because I had it on hand. I'm not sure exactly how much, but you can just add it to taste.

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