Thursday, May 5, 2011

one dress, three ways

I am on a budget. Probably a tighter one than I care to realize. And I'm growing tired of the $100 price point of all the cute sundresses I see for spring and summer. I stated before that my new advice for myself (and others) is to imagine wearing something three different ways before buying it. I thought this post from What I Wore was perfectly fitting, and adorably drawn. Styling one dress three ways might just help alleviate some of that sticker shock, and slim down my door-bursting wardrobe. The concept works for any dress, but I love the blue and white because it pairs well with so many different colors. I've included some dress options that fit the mold without breaking the bank.

1. Jack by BB Dakota Blanche Dress, Piperlime, $54
2. Art Decade Dress in Geometric, Modcloth, $48
3. BB Dakota Azalea Dress, Piperlime, $94
4. LA Made St Tropez Dress, Piperlime, $86
5. Abstract Print Dress, Forever 21, $20
6. Belle et La Fete Dress, Modcloth, $65

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