Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Copycat PF Chang's Lettuce Wraps


I am admittedly quite proud of this recipe post. Secretly boasting in my head, and not so secretly letting you know it here. Not because it's particularly difficult, or that I achieved some sort of culinary masterpiece... but I did problem solve and turn a so-so recipe into a pretty darn great one. Nope, not even being humble there in the slightest, am I? I'm proud, let me be. I started out with this recipe that is a copy of my beloved PF Chang's lettuce wraps. However, the recipe left me with a chicken mixture whose color was not quite right, immersed in a very runny liquid sauce.

I attempted to trust the recipe, and served some hefty lettuce wraps exactly as written; they were good, but not great. So I decided to experiment a bit and drain the chicken mixture of its abundant liquid, and reduce the remaining "pouring sauce" by about half over medium-high heat.

The result was a much more dense, colorful sauce that was about 123.3x as flavorful (a technical measurement of taste).  Because I was already stuffed to the brim, I tested out my new concoction in a little bitty baby wrap, and it was delicious--really a very close copy of the original. I will definitely be making my version again soon.


  1. Barvo, this looks fantastic!



  2. Yummy!!!! I love those lettuce wraps from pf changs so I want to try this!

    Xo, Kristin

  3. Wow! this recipe looks delicious and unique. Well, my family would love to taste it. I will try it in my kitchen next weekend. thanks for sharing and keep posting.:)