Tuesday, May 17, 2011

beer, beautiful beer

I'm afraid I have neglected my travel posts for quite some time now, so I'm busting out the liquid counterpart to my previous Belgian food post: BEER. Belgian beer gets a lot of hype by those in-the-know, and even more frequently by those pretending they're oh so cultured and experienced in the art of brewery... but I have to say pub-hopping in Brussels proved them all right. Every single beer we tasted as was unique, rich and flavorful as the methods of serving them. So maybe a post on beers found around the world isn't your thing (though you can find two of my favorites called Kwok and Delirium right here in Baltimore), but they're still awesome pictures of great places. Don't you wish America had more legitimate pubs?  Liquid fantasy over. Back to end of semester reality.


  1. I knew I loved Delerium Tremens. Now that I know it comes in a glass with pink elephants I love it even more.

  2. If anyone reading this ever gets the chance to go to Brussels...do it...and drinks lot of beer