Tuesday, May 24, 2011

help make gingersnaps better! please.

This whole blog world is about as foreign to me as the inside of a gym these days, and I'm still learning. A lot of people have been asking me how to be alerted when a new post is created, and I have finally figured out a few ways to do so! All of which can be found on the right side bar. Please click any (or all) of the following to both support the blog and stay connected:

"Like" me on facebook:  by liking gingersnaps on facebook, post updates will appear on your newsfeed, and I am starting to add some original content to the facebook page that isn't posted on the blog itself. And it makes me happy if you like me :)

Follow me on twitter:  this is new, as I have never used twitter before, but people have been asking to receive updates via this route as well.

Follow by e-mail:  following by e-mail is simple, and allows you to receive updates when I have posted new material on the blog.

Follow via Google:  this is purely for my happiness and vanity. See all those picture of people following me? They make me happy too, haha. No updates here though, just support.

Finally, if you could take 2.68 seconds from your day to answer this poll, you can help see more of what you like!

1 comment:

  1. so for the poll, i answered "food," but that's only because there wasn't an all-inclusive answer. i also love your fashion posts, especially when they are about an outfit you have personally put together