Monday, August 1, 2011

one outfit, three ways

Throughout July, I have received many comments asking where the outfit photos have disappeared to, and when they will return. Please know that this request has not been overlooked, and that I am making a concerted effort to really beef up the frequency of these posts. I thought I would start this new resolution with a bang of three outfits in one post. See? I'm trying. In congruence with my post on silk blouses for fall, I wanted to showcase this super cute bird-patterned shirt from LOFT. I put together three outfits that show the blouse's versatility: from date night to casual wear to business attire, as well as from summer to fall. The only thing changing from look to look is the bottoms, which goes to show how easy it can be to rework the wardrobe you already have. 


  1. SO cute! I love the blouse and the shoes!



  2. I love the blouse! All your outfits look great.