Wednesday, August 3, 2011

la gems de la mer

OK, that is definitely not acceptable French. However, if you knew my high school French teacher of four years, you'd understand my utter lack of knowledge. I'm pretty sure she layered on new mascara every single day, without ever removing yesterday's... for the past 150 years. By the time I graduated she had about 5 thick spikes on each eye. But anyways, moving on. Plain and simple: I am obsessed with La Mer watches. I don't own one (yet), but it won't be long until I settle on a winner. Not only are they super cute on their own, but they mix perfectly with the recently recurring trend of layering slightly mismatched bracelets and bangles on your pretty little wrists. Take a peek at some of my favs if you'd like.


  1. I just bought my first La Mer watch a few months ago in a cheetah print. I looove it, but it takes some work to get it to wrap correctly around my tiny wrists. Shopbop usually has them on sale, so get yours from them if you want a deal.