Friday, June 1, 2012

safe to say they're catching on...

If this school picnic photo doesn't prove how much the colored skinnies trend has spread like wildfire, I don't know what would. Doesn't everyone look so colorful and cute? Senior year has been very bittersweet; as the most arduous four years of our lives have come to an end, so have many of the good times and yearly traditions that made this time so special to me.

At our final spring picnic, I pulled on my mint jeans, but wanted to wear them with something a little more unexpected than the usual white slouchy top I've worn 1,001 times. Last month, I rounded up some ways to wear this season's mint trend (mostly to get myself out of the aforementioned white-tee-over-mint-jeans rut), but I hadn't considered this stripes + statement necklace combo until I grabbed this shirt off of the top of my clothes heap/excessive hoard on the floor of our bedroom. But I swear it was clean... sort of.

Necklace: Anthropologie (no longer available), Tee: UO, Jeans: Siwy, Fiance: Austin, TX

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  1. I LOVE this look! Stripes with mint skinnies is a great idea, haha great minds think alike because I recently posted a very similar look! ;)

    Great pictures Jordan!

    Cup of Tea