Tuesday, June 26, 2012

cascading chiffon

Earlier this month, I shared with you a little sneak preview of our engagement photos. We've since received the finalized set, but I'll restrain myself from sharing each and every one with you here. However, I believe this outfit {OK, this dress} deserves it's own post, because I do love it so. While looking for outfits in airy, romantic colors and fabrics that I felt would photograph nicely, I was stunned to find such a beautiful dress at such a reasonable price point. Leave it to ASOS to provide such value. I opted for a peachy-blush tone for the photos, but I am still drooling over the mint version as well. Paired with these beautiful suede heels, it was a beautifully romantic outfit for such a special occasion.


Love Chiffon Wrap Hi Lo Dress, ASOS
Brennaman Heel, Aldo

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  1. Wow, you look fabulous. I love it!

  2. Stunning!!! A lovely color but I do love the mint green too:)

  3. Thanks Irene! I loveeeee the mint green. If it hadn't been for the photos with all the greenery in the background, I'd have for sure bought the mint one!

  4. Wow these photos are so beautiful!! As are you! That dress is so gorgeous, I would have trouble picking a color, I love all three!!

    Cup of Tea