Friday, June 1, 2012

june preview

After a totally lackluster May, I started debating whether or not Gingersnaps would return at all after graduation. Now that I'm officially a doctor, I started wondering if it's a little weird/unprofessional to continue blogging. But then I realized that I really couldn't care less. Considering I wore a pair of jean shorts called "super shorties" to an outdoor Zac Brown Band concert last night (so good!), I guess I'm holding onto my early... ok mid... twenties. 

I can't imagine that anyone, including patients, could find Gingersnaps offensive in any way, and frankly if my doctors had any sort of flair or personality, it would be a welcome change from the norm. So the point is, it's June! For me, this is the start of a whole new year, despite what the calendar says. Here's a little glimpse into what's coming up this month.

Engagement Photos

Adam and I are finally having some engagement photos taken, and I'm surprisingly excited. The idea of this session seems so awkward to me, but our photographer is fantastic, and full of the most fun ideas for a beautifully natural shoot at the Howard County Conservancy (seen here).

Siesta, Fiesta!

Somehow, in over four years together, Adam and I have never been on a beach vacation together. The time has finally come! We'll be headed to this amazing spot on June 6th for a week, so posts will be sparse for that week. Can you blame me?

Food, Glorious Food

I'll of course be "cooking" as usual, but I'm even more excited to try out some summertime treats and refreshments from two of my newer cookbooks.

and more...
I've been getting more than a little addicted to photo editing lately, and I have so many fun discoveries, programs, apps, tips and tricks that I'm excited to share. You know I can't help but focus on fashion, so some clothing and outfit posts will sneak their way into the mix as well. I hope you're happy that Gingersnaps is back, because I'm definitely happy to keep it running for another fun year.

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